D.grayi and the perfumer:

Greetings, I'm James Nguyen, and some know me as Miju. The journey that led me to create perfumes daily is quite surprising, considering my past aversion to anything scented.

I once had a deep fear of perfumes and all things scented. My career began in a completely different world – I spent over 15 years working with hair color. However, the chemicals I encountered in that industry triggered allergies, and fragrances became my enemy. They would give me dreadful headaches and even make my throat swell. So, I steered clear of any scents in my skincare and hair products, convinced it was the 'synthetic' fragrances that were the culprits. I eventually found solace in natural brands that didn't seem to affect me.

My journey into the realm of perfumery began during my studies in cosmetic chemistry. It all started when I encountered raw materials used in cosmetics that didn't have the most pleasant scents. In response, I began experimenting with natural ingredients to mask these less appealing aromas. This is where my passion for natural materials took root.

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, and for me, it happened one night in the form of a vivid dream about someone deeply important to me and a unique fragrance. Though this person had passed away, in my dream, they reappeared and described a scent to me. It was a life-changing experience, as I could vividly smell and experience it within the dream.

The scent from my dream was unlike anything I had ever encountered in stores; it was not merely a fragrance, but a complete story with clear, vivid pictures. Upon waking, I hastily documented every detail I could recall about that special perfume. Though uncertain if it was possible to create a perfume with such intricate complexity, I made it my mission to delve into the world of perfumery and bring that extraordinary scent to life.

As I continue on this journey, I find inspiration in various aspects of life, creating scents that reflect my experiences. Along the way, I explored isolated aroma molecules, which surprisingly did not trigger my allergies. I later realized that my personal reactions, such as headaches and triggers, resulted from the composition and balance of scents as a whole, rather than any particular material.

It's truly astonishing how, within a year, I transitioned from actively avoiding all scents to eagerly exploring the world of fragrances. My quest remains to learn and recreate that unforgettable perfume from that fateful night.

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