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About LEVEL 1 STUDIO & d.grayi

LV1 / LEVEL 1 STUDIO is a creative indie project by Kael Jeong & James Nguyen.  LV1 started out as a way to create bleach-resistant clothes for salon professionals and style enthusiasts. We transofrmed it into a place where we can create freely and share whatever projects we and our friends are working on.  Thank you for supporting small businesses and creatives.  Our main focus now is perfumery Learn more about our story:


I'm James Nguyen, and some know me as Miju. The journey that led me to create perfumes daily is quite surprising considering in my past I once had a deep fear of fragrances and all things scented.

My career began in a completely different world – I spent over 15 years working with hair color and the chemicals I encountered in that industry triggered allergies, and fragrances became my enemy. They would give me intense headaches and even make my throat swell. So, I steered clear of any scents in my skincare and hair products, convinced it was the 'synthetic' fragrances that were the culprits. I eventually found solace in natural brands that didn't seem to affect me.

I love creating and learning so eventually it got me to studying cosmetic chemistry as a hobby. My journey to perfumery all started when I encountered raw materials used in cosmetics that didn't have the most pleasant scents. In response, I began experimenting with natural ingredients to mask these less appealing aromas which is where my passion for natural materials took root.

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, and for me, it happened one night in the form of a vivid dream about someone deeply important to me and a unique fragrance. Though this person had passed away, in my dream, they reappeared and described a scent to me.

It was a life-changing experience, as I could vividly smell and experience it within the dream - it was unlike anything I had ever encountered in stores; it was not merely a fragrance, but a complete story with clear, vivid pictures.

Upon waking, I hastily documented every detail I could recall about that special perfume. Though uncertain if it was possible to create a perfume with such intricate complexity, I made it my mission to delve into the world of perfumery and bring that extraordinary scent to life. I love learning about scents and along the way, I explored isolated aroma molecules, which surprisingly did not trigger my allergies. I later realized that my reactions resulted from the composition and balance of scents as a whole, rather than any particular material. Now I am open and unrestricted in how I can create olfactive stories.

My quest remains to learn and recreate that unforgettable perfume from that fateful night. During my journey I will create art that can add value to the world. I hope you enjoy these creations I make along the way!