d.grayi [artisan perfume by miju.]




TOP: Gingseng, Saffron, Holy Basil 

HEART: Mimosa Pudica (Shy Plant) Tincture,  Green Tea, Clay

BASE:  Angelica Root, Patchouli, Oakmoss


This is an green scent that focuses on Mimosa Pudica, Oakmoss, and Clay Tincture

This is inspired by one of my favorite plants.  It moves when you touch it and I always thought it was magical.  I first saw it in vietnam on the trail to my family's home.  The roads were unpaved at the time and is made of clay.  The plant would grow on the left side of the road next to the wire fence.  I would touch it and it would pretend to fall asleep.  I thought it was so cute!  I would play with it everyday on my way home.

At the home I would always be greeted with the smell of herbs and spices in the air from my family's cooking.  I added notes of Green Tea and Oakmoss to represent the lush greens and forest that surrounded the home.

This scent is an olfactive painting of my experience in vietnam as a child where I saw magic in nature.

 I also love how this scent transforms depending on the current weather.  in dry areas, it is more green and herbaceous, in hot humidity it is very smooth and creamy.  I love it!

Concentration:  23.6% + 55% Tinctures

Naturals: Mimosa Pudica, Clay, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Angelica Root, Vietnamese Oud, Bergamot Mint, Carrot, Tea Leaves, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Hinoki, Amyris, Cedarwood, 

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