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Wednesday's Child

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TOP: Rosin, Coffee CO2, Paint  

HEART: Indolic Florals, Candlelight, Woods

BASE:  Ambrette, Civet Tincture, Oakmoss 


Wednesday's Child is my goth playful scent.  I am inspired by Wednesday's Addams and used her favorites.

It opens with Rosin (used on string bow instruments), Coffee CO2(she drinks her coffee black) and paint(she is an artist)

There isn't too much sweetness or citruses added because this scent is meant to be enjoyed by the wearer.  The composition moves into Indole(scent of death and flowers, Candle light and woods.  This gives a dark aura and sillage to the scent that I find fascinating.

Ambrette, Civet, and Oakmoss adds a vintage monochromatic vibe to the composition while keeping it playful.  This is how I see Wednesdays Addams and I love this scent.

Please buy a sample because this scent definitely transforms on its wearer and not everyone can pull this one off.

But those who wear it.. omg!

Concentration: 35% Perfume + 11% Tinctures

Naturals: Oakmoss, Pine, Civet, Willow bark, Ylang ylang, Coffee co2, Bergamot, Cedarwoos Texas

Looking for Vegan Version? Tap Here! 


Wednesday's Child
Wednesday's Child Sale price$115.00 USD