d.grayi [artisan perfume by miju.]

Wednesday's Child - Extrait de Parfum




TOP: Rosin, Coffee CO2, Paint  

HEART: Indolic Florals, Candlelight, Woods

BASE:  Ambrette, Civet Tincture, Oakmoss 



Wednesday's Child is a special smell that I made, inspired by a character named Wednesday Addams. She's a little spooky, like in a TV show and old movies.

This perfume has three different smells mixed together:

  1. It's like sipping bitter coffee in a field of night-blooming jasmine. It's a little mysterious and dark.

  2. You can also smell wooden cellos and bows playing haunting music. It's like a sad melody in the shadows.

  3. The scent also makes you feel like you're painting with candlelight in an ancient forest. It's a little vintage, like an old picture.

This smell changes on your skin. At first, it's dark and mysterious, but then it becomes sweet and innocent.

Wednesday's Child is for people who like both dark and light things. It's like a journey into your own feelings, where you can be a dreamer and explorer.

Naturals: Oakmoss, Pine, Civet, Willow bark, Ylang ylang, Coffee co2, Bergamot, Cedarwoos Texas


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