ORIGAMI! Colorist Stacked Bowls (3 in 1)

$3 $12.99

Plan and organize your color work.

Each colorist has a unique flow when they do each step of their color process.  We created these stackable geometric bowls to help inspire you in the salon!

The small size is great for hair conditioning treatments, booster shades or you can flip it over and use it to rest your brush or whisk in between use!

The medium size is the perfect amount for a simple retouch and  is great for accent formulas and will remind you not to prepare TOO much color.

The extra large size can hold A LOT of product so you do not have to remix frequently.  It is great if you are needing huge amounts of bleach or color especially during color corrections or if you client has dense or longer hair.

Need inspiration on ways to organize your color application?

Zone Method: The 3 size bowls allows us to know exactly which formula goes in which area of the head.

Small size holds the barrier cream or conditioner that will be applied on the hair line or on extremely porous areas of the hair.

Medium size holds the scalp formula or on areas that require less product.

Extra large size holds the formula that will go on the rest of the hair. 

Prep Method: Since oxidation starts when the formula is mixed together, you can pre-measure your formula and then stack the bowls up until it is ready to be used!

Small size holds the bond builder

Medium size hold the color or powder.

Large Size hold the developer.


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