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Discovery Set 02

$55 $66.50
Discovery Set 02 contains eight samples from the d.grayi artisan perfume collection.
Samples are in 1.5 ml sprays. 
TOP: Rosin, Coffee CO2, Paint  
HEART: Indolic Florals, Candlelight, Woods
BASE:  Ambrette, Civet Tincture, Oakmoss 
TOP: Hedione, Warm Spices
HEART: Cashmeran, Sandalwood Accord
BASE:  Cetalox, Evernyl
TOP: Gingseng, Saffron, Holy Basil
HEART: Mimosa Pudica (Shy Plant) Tincture,  Green Tea, Clay
BASE:  Angelica Root, Patchouli, Oakmoss
TOP: Geosmin, Metal
HEART: Bubble Gum, Sandalwood 
BASE:  Sugar, Cetalox 
TOP: Bread, Coconut Milk
HEART: Pandan Tincture, Sandalwood  
BASE:  Pine Resin, Vanilla Waffle 
TOP: Saffron, Smoke
HEART: Incense, Jasmine Rice
BASE:  Oud, White Musk 
TOP: Catnip, Shiso, Bergamot
HEART: Vanilla Cake, Sakura Cookies
BASE:  White Cream, Civetone
 TOP: Cannabis Sativa, Rose Bouquet
HEART: Skunk, Box of Chocolates 
BASE:  Amber, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

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