I wanted a mask that I actually enjoy wearing... and also bleach proof

 Our LV1 Cushion Safety Masks were first created in 2019.    We use masks on a daily basis in the salon so we wanted something that we can look forward to wearing.  


Our design is kept simple so it can be worn with every outfit.  The material is where you will notice the difference.  It is inspired by the BB Cushion/Blender technology utilized in the cosmetic industry where the material is anti-microbial and soft against skin.  It is softer and more dense than normal polyurethane masks so the filtration is increased.

If you take care of them it can be reusable!  Treat it like your BB sponges.  Add soapy water and it will absorb and expand.  Clean gentle and gently squeeze the water away and pat it dry.   You can set it on a flat surface to dry completely before using it again,

We initially created these masks for salon professionals so the original black material is bleach and color resistant so it won't change color!

Since the pandemic happened, many have asked for us to update our design to meet their needs and style.  We listened and now have 3 sizes, 2 colors, and vented versions!  Our original design was updated to size S2 - Regular Size where it extend the coverage so it fits better around then nose and chin.  Our L - Extended Size is a larger version of S2 and XS - Petite.

Thank you everyone that e-mailed us requests! Your ideas are awesome and we love the passion you bring.

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