THICC! LITE - Tapered Tint Comb Brush

$30 $60

Invest in a better brush. Your hands will thank you  in the future.

We believe the brush you pick up every day should should prioritize ergonomics for pain-free career in the future.  We love our THICC! Tint Brushes  because these are balanced tools that are versatile with feathered, tapered bristles for accuracy.

Other brushes are too slippery, snag on hair when sectioning, or simply too flat and uncomfortable to use.   We have a textured anti-slip design with flexible dense bristles for maximum control and accuracy.

What's the difference between THICC! PRO and THICC! LITE?

At the moment, this only applies to our brushes without the comb.  THICC! PRO is our favorite because it is wider, stronger with more bristles.  THICC! LITE is perfect for those who want a lighter weight material and less bristle.

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