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ORIGAMI! HAIR MECHE SHEETS is a reusable & durable alternative to hair foils and mesh sheets

ORIGAMI! Hair Meche Sheets was created after years of searching for an alternative to foil that is durable, foldable, thin and incubates well.

Alternative foam options were not durable enough and continues to rip so we needed something that is durable to avoid ripping while using a brush or comb so we can focus on the color creation process.

Each Hair Meche Sheet is extra long(2ft by 3.5 inches) which is ideal for color corrections and ombres.  The edge of the sheets are curved to help hug against the head easier!


How do I wash these?

These sheets are re-usable, just spray down, wash with hot soapy water or shampoo and allow to dry. 

Can I use a washing machine and dryer for this? 

Yes depending on your machine.  We recommend using gentle or delicate settings to make sure these last longer.  They dry quickly so remember to take them out in a few minutes!   Dry them flat to maintain the shape. 

Can I cut these sheets to fit my clients hair?

Yes!  we encourage it.  Keep in mind the design has a convex and concave curved edge so cut accordingly to your needs!

What is the difference between the Origami! Hair Retouch Papers and Origami! Hair Meche Sheets?

Origami! Hair Retouch Papers are precut to 3.5 in by 4.5 for convenience.

Origami! Hair Meche Sheets is thinner and more flexible which is perfect for when you work with longer hair.  The edges are curved to help hug each subsection. 

Hand Wash or Machine Wash on Delicate

Use Cold Water and Avoid High Heat

Air Dry or <10 minutes Tumble Dry Low

Color:Arctic White
ORIGAMI! HAIR MECHE SHEETS Sale price$20.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD