d.grayi [artisan perfume by miju.]

SEXY SKUNK - Vegan Edition - Eau de Toilette



TOP: Cannabis Sativa, Roses

HEART: Skunk Accord, Box of Chocolates

BASE:  Amber, Sandalwood, Oakmoss 


Sexy Skunk (Vegan Edition) is the aromatic, fresher version of Sexy Skunk EDP which is darker and more animalic.

I live in Los Angeles, and sometimes I wonder, 'Is that the smell of weed or a skunk?' This perfume combines those scents in a way that's exciting and interesting.

Imagine a cute skunk with a big smile, giving you roses and chocolates. The smell is so nice, like the air is full of something wonderful. It's a mix of amber, sandalwood, and oakmoss that makes it sweet and mysterious.

'SEXY SKUNK' is a special smell that's a little wild and a lot of fun. It's like a piece of the city with a touch of make-believe. I had a great time making it, and I hope you like it too!

Naturals: Cannabis Sativa, Geranium,, Rose Bulgaria,Patchouli, Cedarwood Texas, B Bergamot, Cedarwood Virginia, Oakmoss, Lemon, Centella Asiatica, Bergamot, Yuzu, Mandarin, Saffron, Labdanum, Hinoki, Spearmint, Rhubarb, Vetiver

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