Ombre Essentials Tools

$210 $260

These are the essential tools to create the most blended ombre colors.

Use our Phase Blade to add subtle texture to the hair before teasing highlight techniques so hair can be even more diffused and easy to back-comb.

Origami! Hair Meche Sheets are 2ft long and can be cut to fit your clients hair length!

Thicc! Pro Tapered Tint Brush has tapered bristles that makes it easy to paint.

Comb Clips are handy when you are working solo or want to speed through the hair.

Strong Sectioning Clips are great for clients with thick hair because its good at holding a lot of hair.


Ombre Essential Set Includes:

- Phase Blade Ombre Shears (cuts 10% and 30% in an alternating pattern)

- Origami! Hair Meche Sheets (33 reusable, 2ft x 3.5 in)

- Thicc! Pro Tapered Tint Brush

- 2 x Comb Clips  and 4 x Strong Sectioning Clips

- Carrying Case


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