d.grayi [artisan perfume by miju.]

RE:M - Extrait de Parfum



TOP: Mint, Yuzu, Sake

HEART: Jasmine Tea, Shochu, Metal Carrot

BASE:  Tobacco, White Musk, Hinoki



Re:M is what started my journey in perfumery.  Someone special that has passed away came to me in a dream one night.  This is the first dream where I was able to smell things.  He discussed how he wanted to create a scent that paints a specific experience he has.   He explained his perfumed in great detail:

This scent opens in a cold white room where you are excited to wake up and start your day.  You just brushed your teeth and you have your paper ready to start work.  You love you working but you find yourself daydreaming about the times when you were more care-free and had these moments of mundane-ness that was precious to when you look back.  

The scent shifts to your favorite bar in Tokyo.  It didn’t open yet so there are no customers but you are sipping on some tea as you wait for your friends to arrive.  The bar is clean  and wait patiently with that feeling of slight anticipation.  You know it is like every other night but you also know that it will be an enjoyable experience.  As you wait you can’t help but notice how clean everything is but there are some smells that still linger on the wooden tables.  The smell of alcohol and cigarettes come to mind… but then there’s an odd cold metallic smell of carrots coming from somewhere.  Before you were able to think twice about the carrot smell the daydreaming stops and  you are back to you room.

It is afternoon now and the sun warmed you up.  A feeling of comfort radiates in the room and you finally begin your day.

This perfume has been a huge puzzle for me.   The notes I experienced in the does not follow the concept of “top, middle, base” when it comes to timing.  This is something I want to perfect in the future.  As of now I feel like I got it 80% of the way and will continue my perfume journey and try again in the future.  I decided to add touches of spice to this blend since his signature perfume that he wore had it too.  This perfume contains a lot of natural tea tincture and tea extracts  and carrot oils.  I gives an interesting blend of cleanliness and earthiness.

Re:M will be kept as an ongoing project and all proceeds will go to his family and charity.


Naturals: Spearmint, Bergamot, Yuzu, Vetiver, Patchouli, Jasmine Sambac, Violet Leaf, Rose Bulgaria, Green Tea, Rice Bran, Amyris, Hinoki Wood, Pine, Oakmoss, Black Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Keemun Black Tea, Jasmine Tea

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